Introduction and Background

Please introduce yourself and share a bit about your background, wisdom tradition you most identify with, and the language you use in that tradition (Sacred Presence, Creator, Spirit, Universe, etc.).

Sister Betty Drewes OSB, Roman Catholic, Benedictine Sister
Education, Counseling and Spirituality Ministry – Retreats and Spiritual Direction
Trinity God – Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit

My family is Catholic, and I was educated in Catholic schools all my life. After attending Saint Benedict College  in Ferdinand, IN  I entered the Benedictine community. I have been a professed Sister of Saint Benedict for over 50 years! 

I have professional degrees in education, counseling and spirituality. Presently  I am a member of the spirituality ministry team for the Ferdinand Benedictine community.  My past ministries include education, counseling, leadership, spiritual direction, supervision, and retreat ministry.

I give workshops and days of reflections for parishes and retreat groups. I currently provide spiritual direction in Paducah, KY, and southern IN. I love walking in nature, reading for leisure, listening to music, expressing spirituality in creative ways besides traveling and being with family and friends. 

My favorite scripture quote is: “Love others as I love you.” (John 15:12) My favorite word from the Holy Rule is “Listen” from the Prologue and the best chapter is seventy-two on “Good Zeal”. My motto is “Living Each Day Fully With Joy!” for by doing just that “Every-day is a Holy-Day – Holi-day”! “Rejoice…this is the day the Lord has made.” (Psalm 118:24). 

Anticipate ~ Inviting Wisdom

In what ways do you invite and engage Wisdom to be present with you? What rhythms or practices help you to be present Now, in each moment, with an expectant, listening heart?

Daily Personal Prayer

Liturgy of the Hours with Benedictine Community -Psalms and Hymns

Centering Prayer – Father Keating 

Scripture –  Lectio, Guided Imagery, Daily Readings 

Sacraments in Catholic Church especially daily Eucharist 

Creation Spirituality – Nature Walk, Labyrinth 

Religious Art  – Visio Divina 

Daily Reading of the Hoy Rule of Saint Benedict 

Rosary of Blessed Mother Mary–Apostles Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be 

Prayers to the Saints 

Spiritual Reading especially Catholic (Catechism) and Benedictine Related Books 

Living in the Present Moment – All the Above Practices include being immerse in God’s presence, being silent and listening with the ear of the heart (Saint Benedict’s expression) , seven rhythms of liturgy of the hours, Prayer of Presence described by Brother Lawrence—-aware of God’s abiding love. 

Resonate ~ Engaging Understanding

How do you receive Wisdom’s Life and Presence into your own self? Is there a rhythm or practice that helps you to go deeper or expand your heart, understanding, and awareness in light of each exchange and encounter?

Continual Prayer Practices

Deeper Awareness and Focused Attention 

Various Mantras

Daily Examen 

Discernment Process

Journaling –Written and Creative Images 

Monthly Sabbatical Weekend

Annual Eight Day Directed/ Conference Retreat

Translate ~ Sharing Knowledge

How do you creatively engage and reflect to others and the world around you what you have gained in the energy of this encounter?

Joyful Spirit of Receptivity 

Being Fully Present to the Person or Group

Practicing Mindfulness

Companioning Others in Spiritual Direction 

Presentation for Retreat 

Emanate ~ Embodying Being

What rhythms or practices do you engage to help you become more integrated in your tradition ~ your own wholeness and well-being? Are there any practices from outside your tradition with which you also engage?

All the above practices help integration. 

Spiritual Reading – Other Traditions 

Experience Church Services from Other Traditions

Creative Art Expressions – Mural, Mandala


Body Expressions – Breath Prayer, Christian Yoga and Liturgical Movement         

Always Open to  Learning new Avenues to the Divine

Practices that inspire me …

When does your tradition celebrate the beginning of the new year?

First Sunday of Advent 

Please share any rituals, celebrations, and/or practices your wisdom tradition engages with or celebrates on the wheel of time/seasons/cycle of the year and their respective dates.

 Advent:  Respecting this season with minimal Christmas décor until after the annual Blessings of the Greens usually about ten days before

Christmas Eve:  Special Blessings-Nativity Manger/ Lighting of the Trees with Evening Prayer
Eucharist Christmas Eve late and Christmas Morning 

Epiphany:  Blessings of the Home with the celebration of the Three Wise Men with Evening Prayer 

Lent:  Ash Wednesday  –  Personal Blessings with Ashes at Morning Prayer 
Lenten Practices: 
Bona Opera including one specific practice and selection of one book for six weeks of Lent. 
Fasting for one day a week
Abstaining from meat/eating between meals on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday
Praying the Stations of the Cross.

Palm Sunday: Services with procession carrying Palms

Triduum:   Silence in monastery from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday Morn Service 

Blessings in Our Monastery 

February 2  Blessings of the Candles for Liturgical Celebration with Morning Prayer
February 3  Blessings of Throats in honor of Saint Blaise with Morning Prayer
February 5  Blessings of Agatha Bread with Evening Prayer

Benedictine Feasts

 February 10   Saint Scholastica – Twin Sister of Saint Benedict 
March 21       Feast of Saint Benedict   (Day of His Death) 
July 11           Feast of Saint Benedict on the Roman Catholic Church 

Solemnities of Catholic Church      

Mary, Mother of God (January 1)
Epiphany (January 6)
Ascension (forty days after Easter)
Most Holy Trinity (the Sunday after Pentecost)        
Saint Joseph ( March 19) 
Saint Peter and Paul ( June 29) 
Assumption (August 15)
All Saints (November 1) 
Immaculate Conception (December 8)

Is there anything else you would like to share about your process, practices, or your journey into your particular way of honoring the tradition(s) you currently engage???

For me, all these practices are based on faith and love of  God and  love and care of others. Every person needs to be changing as God invites us to do so every day! Being open and attentive to that Divine Spirit is so essential for our spiritual growth on the journey of faith! May it be so regardless of your traditions or practices. Be ever faithful. Be true to yourself. Love your God fully and others unconditionally and  share the good news in all ways always.