Connection. Community. Coming Home.

Welcome to ARTE of WE Collective. I’m so happy you have found your way to this community, whatever path brought you here and leads you on your journey.

Who Am I?

Lauree Ellen ~ I am one who is on an ongoing journey of discovery and wonder. I love connecting with others however we enter each other’s lives. I love questions that take me deeper into Reality. I hope and live for a world where we are each loved and valued – just as we are.

Who Are We?

ARTE of WE Collective ~ We are all about community, paying attention to the times we are in, making room for every voice with respect and honor, recognizing we are ALL connected and impacted by even the “least of these.” How do we live into that reality and support each other’s unique giftings?

Be Involved.

Join us on our common journey Home. Check out the website, read the blog, peruse the resource page, meet our contributors and learn about different wisdom traditions, try out the practices that spark your interest. Become a member and interact with others here online. We are in process.