Introduction and Background

Please introduce yourself and share a bit about your background, wisdom tradition you most identify with, and the language you use in that tradition (Sacred Presence, Creator, Spirit, Universe, etc.).

My name is Dustin Eagleston. I am a Chinese Medicine practitioner in Nelson B.C.

I grew up homeschooled in the Green Mountains of Vermont, spending most of my childhood outdoors connecting with nature. I grew up hiking, skiing, sailing – but mostly I enjoyed the quiet introspective and contemplative space that nature provides. I was not raised with any tradition, but I have grown to love and appreciate tradition in my daily life today. Probably because of my love for nature I most identify with Daoism – looking to the wisdom of nature and mother earth and the divinity in all things- Perhaps it’s no surprise I’ve become a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, where there is great emphasis on ancient philosophy and Daoism as well as living in harmony with nature.

I have some Cherokee in my bloodline – and I do strongly resonate with this ancestry. I have some personal practices that are native american in origin.

Despite identifying with Daoism, I have a strong relationship with God – And I typically use ‘God’, ‘Creator of all that is’ and/or ‘the divine’ in my language.

Anticipate ~ Inviting Wisdom

In what ways do you invite and engage Wisdom to be present with you? What rhythms or practices help you to be present Now, in each moment, with an expectant, listening heart?

Depending on the time and space, I have many ways of inviting wisdom, or acknowledging its presence, since I believe we are never truly without it.

If I am at work, I have a Theta Healing meditation of reaching my energy down into the core of the earth and then allowing that energy to open my 7 chakras – with this energy I will then take it up and out my crown chakra and travel through the dimensions to the 7th plane – creator of all that is, the energy of creation. I invite this light and energy into my practice to allow healing for my patients. This practice quiets my mind, and allows a space of love – without judgment, or mental chitter chatter.

I enjoy engaging through offerings and gratitude practices. For instance when leaving an area like a campsite we spread an offering of cornmeal and thank the site for housing us and for all the wonderful memories.

Resonate ~ Engaging Understanding

How do you receive Wisdom’s Life and Presence into your own self? Is there a rhythm or practice that helps you to go deeper or expand your heart, understanding, and awareness in light of each exchange and encounter?

At the end of most days just before bed, I will do the meditation described above while also calling in the 7 directions – then I will invite the archangels that I work with to be present. I will thank them for their care and ask if there is anything I need to know. They are quick to let me know what I need to work on!

This is a wonderful way to create a space of self healing and growth, as well as cleanse any negativity from the day.

Because I have recently started this practice, and working with the archangels – some days it feels the learning is constant! whether it’s a dream at night, running into an unexpected friend or the serendipitous timing of a song on the radio –
I feel angelic presence often. I do my best in these moments to invite the light and allow space for it to shine.

Because the lessons with the archangels can be potent I will often journal to help me digest the light of each encounter.

I have also found that whatever is the current lesson, Life has a curious way of presenting you with ample opportunity to properly ‘learn’ and expand and grow …. despite my best efforts to drag my feet! In this way, I do see God acting through the world in every moment. Teaching us difficult lessons in order to help us become our best selves.

Whether it’s the Cherokee in my bloodline or not, I often listen to Native American music, as well as other ‘medicine’ music and chanting. I find singing along, creating resonance and song with my own voice helps me feel the divine in myself and the world around me.

Translate ~ Sharing Knowledge

How do you creatively engage and reflect to others and the world around you what you have gained in the energy of this encounter?

This is such a tricky question! I do it in very inconspicuous ways – I do it in the way I practice chinese medicine. I do it in my communication with others; but I don’t usually name it. It’s more like I imagine I’m a light bulb, plugged into God (as we all are) and instead of being a hollow shell of dull glass, I flip a switch and let the light shine through and out of me! Once the current is there, it illuminates everything. But the current couldn’t illuminate without the bulb – we all have our part in this world. I choose to creatively engage and reflect to others in this way because unfortunately discussing the divine seems to make a lot of people really uncomfortable!

When it comes to friends and family that are open and close with me I will be more honest about personal practice and experience; and as always these interactions are incredibly nourishing.

Emanate ~ Embodying Being

What rhythms or practices do you engage to help you become more integrated in your tradition ~ your own wholeness and well-being? Are there any practices from outside your tradition with which you also engage?

I have recently been introduced to indigenous spiritual practices which were outside of my own personal tradition. I have completely fallen in love with it. Its traditions of song, smudging and cleansing through diet and thinking (focusing on pure thoughts) has deeply affected my own wholeness and well-being. It has offered some practical tools to help create a more sustainable work and life practice for myself as well as deepen my spiritual relationship with all things –

Practices that inspire me …

  • When does your tradition celebrate the beginning of the new year?

Doaism celebrates the Lunar New year in early February of each year. Personally I definitely celebrate the lunar new year more than the traditional new year! If I have time I will make dumplings for dinner and welcome the animal of the year – this year is the Dragon.

  • Please share any rituals, celebrations, and/or practices your wisdom tradition engages with or celebrates on the wheel of time/seasons/cycle of the year and their respective dates.

In Daoism as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine – there is huge emphasis on living seasonally. Each season is represented with different organs, flavors, emotions and activities. While I don’t have any rituals or celebrations – I have a strong practice of engaging with and living as seasonally as possible. This is beneficial for physical and spiritual well being.

Spring – this is Liver energy- associated with growth and expansion. A time for exercise and adventure. Diet should include lots of fresh shoots and greens and the Liver like sourness. The emotion here is Drive, but when out of balance it can manifest as Anger.

Summer – this is Spleen and Stomach energy – a time for abundance and digestion (emotional and spiritual digestion too!) – while there’s an abundance of daylight and energy, it’s also important to not overdo it this time of year. Take time to just be. Diet includes seasonal food,
whatever grows around you! The Spleen and Stomach enjoy sweetness as a flavor. The emotion here is one of abundance, in a sense. When we are well resourced we can handle anything. If it is out of balance it can manifest as overthinking, pensiveness and worry.

Mid-Summer – Heart energy- again, this is a time of great joy and satisfaction. The emotion, of course, is JOY! It is important to sit in this joy, and not move too quickly onto the next thing. The heart benefits from the flavor bitter (think coffee and dark chocolate).

Fall – this is Lung energy – a time of harvest, this is quite an active time of year, in preparation for winter. physical activity is good and can help move any stuck Lung energy in the form of grief. Diet should include seasonal foods but specifically radishes, pears and other white fruit
and vegetables to nourish the Lung. The emotion is clear dissemination (not getting muddled in things) and if this is out of balance there can be grief and sadness. Pungent foods benefit the Lung.

Winter – Kidney – a season for hibernation, introspection. It’s all about cozy times, comfort food
and not over-exerting yourself. Eat cooked and warm foods. The Kidney is all about will power,
but if out of balance there can be fear. The kidneys benefit from Salt this time of year.

  • Is there anything else you would like to share about your process, practices, or your journey into your particular way of honoring the tradition(s) you currently engage???