Introduction and Background

Please introduce yourself and share a bit about your background, wisdom tradition you most identify with, and the language you use in that tradition (Sacred Presence, Creator, Spirit, Universe, etc.).

I am the mother of two little ones, wife, yoga instructor, entrepreneur, retreat leader, community collaborator, activist, and steward of our little creek.

I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and began teaching about 13 years ago.  I studied under my teachers who stem from the Tantric traditions of yoga, rooted in non-dualism.  I have also studied Ayurveda and the intersections of everyday life and how we curate our own ultimate well-being and health.  

Over the years and travels, I have also incorporated some indigenous tradition practices that recognize the seasonal phenomenon’s and sacredness of our wild spaces and creatures.

I refer to the universal principle as; ‘Great Spirit’, ‘Universal Spirit’, ‘Universal Energy’

Anticipate ~ Inviting Wisdom

In what ways do you invite and engage Wisdom to be present with you? What rhythms or practices help you to be present Now, in each moment, with an expectant, listening heart?

I use my body as the initial portal of which to embrace and connect with spirit and the universe. (within and without).  My yoga practice, somatic movements, dance have always transported me into the meditative realm, of which I can connect to the subtleties within.  

Creating sacred space such as lighting candles, prayers and invocations/mantra to open sacred space are also a part of my daily practice.  I find great importance in having an altar space which can included deities, seasonal plants and items that incorporate the wheel of the year and auspicious thresholds.  

I also incorporate using Tarot cards, plant medicine, ‘kitchen witch’ alchemy, and lunar traditions such as recognizing the energetic currents of the lunar cycle: new moon (intention setting), full moon (celebratory, expressive, community).

Resonate ~ Engaging Understanding

How do you receive Wisdom’s Life and Presence into your own self? Is there a rhythm or practice that helps you to go deeper or expand your heart, understanding, and awareness in light of each exchange and encounter?

Yoga practice, mantra, meditation.

Translate ~ Sharing Knowledge

How do you creatively engage and reflect to others and the world around you what you have gained in the energy of this encounter?

I host an array of yoga workshops, classes, series, and gatherings that explore our embodied and reflective experiences of healing, connection, grief, rage, and action.  I also love to draw and create as expression of this connection to the universal spirit.

Emanate ~ Embodying Being

What rhythms or practices do you engage to help you become more integrated in your tradition ~ your own wholeness and well-being? Are there any practices from outside your tradition with which you also engage?

Yoga practice, pranayama, mantra, meditation, smudging, dancing, breathwork, vigils, death rites.

Practices that inspire me …

  • When does your tradition celebrate the beginning of the new year?

    Diwali marks the new year for most Hindu people and lands at end of March, beginning of April.
  • Please share any rituals, celebrations, and/or practices your wisdom tradition engages with or celebrates on the wheel of time/seasons/cycle of the year and their respective dates.

    Vernal Equinox, ~ March 19/20/21 2024

    Summer Solstice ~ June 20/21 2024

    Autumnal Equinox ~ Sept 21Winter Solstice  ~ Dec. 21
  • Is there anything else you would like to share about your process, practices, or your journey into your particular way of honoring the tradition(s) you currently engage???